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Patient Health Matters

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are the most promising technological innovations of this decade: ImageBiopsy Lab’s innovative and certified solutions use these technologies to support doctors in daily tasks within clinical workflows.

Nevertheless, the fear of many patients to be completely diagnosed by a machine in the future is without cause, since AI leads to the exact opposite.

With faster and more accurate diagnoses, a medical expert will have more time for the most important things: a patient and patient’s health.

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What is Machine Learning or ML?

What is Machine Learning or ML?

Machine Learning (ML) is a field of computer science and a component of artificial intelligence which, through the use of algorithms and statistical models, is able to independently find solutions for new and/or unknown problems. A more specific field of ML is Deep Learning, standing out by its capacity of unsupervised learning from unstructured or unlabelled data. This is performed using neural networks, which recognise underlying relationships in a

ML: The future of healthcare

Machine and Deep Learning are therefore part of the AI. ImageBiopsy Lab uses this method to automatically detect disease symptoms on radiographs. For this purpose, the clues from thousands of physicians are mapped to numerous images in a robust statistical model.

Advantages of using AI

What are the Advantages of using AI?

After several hours of hard work, doctors attention drops which impacts the interpretation quality. This leads to distortions of the diagnostic results. Reading out all relevant diagnostic information can also be tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, clinical application and follow-up examinations become more difficult.

Priority #1: Patient outcomes and needs

By means of our solutions operated with artificial intelligence, a medical expert can obtain a second objective opinion in addition to his own opinion and that of his colleagues. The aim should be to enable objective and standardized reporting.

What our customers say

Jack Farr - Orthopedist

ImageBiopsy AI software is highly accurate and efficient within our PACS system, which provides valuable information on the status of the knee along the continuum of chondrosis to arthrosis.

Jack Farr, MD

The integration of the AI ​​solutions by ImageBiopsy Lab into our RIS and PACS is easy and well done. It is fun to work with and the clarity of the visualized report is an ideal support for our patient consultation.

Jochen Mueller-Stromberg, MD

AI-based solutions reduce the amount of work and the findings become more accurate. An objective value is given which can be used both for monitoring and forecasting the progress. We offer something that others don’t have.

Michael Gruber, MD

Exact diagnosis and reproducible follow-up exams are indispensable for a successful osteoarthritis therapy. Software-based methods can assist the physician in the therapy management and adjustment process.

Stefan Nehrer, MD