Assessment and classification of vertebral fractures

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Existing problems in osteoporosis diagnostics are directly influence on patient's treatment outcomes.

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IB Lab FLAMINGO is here to help.

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Product description


Silent fractures are common and usually undetected and largely untreated. The number one risk factor to predict a secondary fracture is a previous fracture. Vertebral fractures (VFs) are the most common fractures but only 1 in 3 is brought to clinical attention. Missing the chance for intervention can lead to significant patient, economic, and healthcare burdens. Making the first fracture the last would mitigate these problems. 


Ensure existing unrecognized vertebral fractures are recognized and brought to clinical attention to ensure appropriate treatment. IB Lab FLAMINGO aims to screen opportunistically all CT scans that contain the spine taken for any reason and make sure the clinically most relevant  VFs in these exams are brought to the attention of the bone health specialist.


  • Vertebrae Labeling
  • Fracture Location
  • Fracture Severity


  • Detection of VF in CT scans
  • Independence of CT scanner type
  • Opportunistic screening for VF
  • Detect VF in relevant parts of the spine
  • Notification for triaging of patients to care pathways (e.g. FLS site)
  • Patient facing information on VF findings
  • The high specificity of VF detection


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Intended use

IB Lab FLAMINGO is a radiological fully-automated image processing software device of computed tomography (CT) images intended to aid medical professionals in the detection of VFs of the spine..

The system is to be used by trained medical professionals including, but not limited to, orthopedists and radiologists. It should not be used in-lieu of full patient evaluation or solely relied upon to make or confirm a diagnosis.


What our customers say:

Jack Farr - Orthopedist

ImageBiopsy AI software is highly accurate and efficient within our PACS system, which provides valuable information on the status of the knee along the continuum of chondrosis to arthrosis.

Jack Farr, MD

The integration of the AI ​​solutions by ImageBiopsy Lab into our RIS and PACS is easy and well done. It is fun to work with and the clarity of the visualized report is an ideal support for our patient consultation.

Jochen Mueller-Stromberg, MD

AI-based solutions reduce the amount of work and the findings become more accurate. An objective value is given which can be used both for monitoring and forecasting the progress. We offer something that others don’t have.

Michael Gruber, MD

Exact diagnosis and reproducible follow-up exams are indispensable for a successful osteoarthritis therapy. Software-based methods can assist the physician in the therapy management and adjustment process.

Prof. Jochen Hofstätter, MD