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Currently, pre-and post-total knee arthroplasty (TKA) lower limb alignment is assessed manually or with the aid of interactive software applications, resulting in high intra- and inter-reader variability, poor reproducibility and calibration errors.

High reader variability

Poor reproducibility

No implant support


Fully-automated measurements aid users in quantifying limb-length discrepancy and quantitative knee alignment parameters on uni- and bilateral AP full leg radiographs.

LAMA™ is here to support you!

Accurate & Precise

Deep learning technology enables automated accurate and precise measurement of knee alignment within ≤1° and leg-length discrepancy within ≤ 2mm [1]


Reading and reporting time of lower limb deformities radiographs can be reduced from 3 minutes to <1 minute (more than 3x faster) resulting in more time for patient care [2]

Implant Support

IB Lab LAMA™ now supports radiographs with total hip and total knee implants, providing 13 standardized measurements for both pre- and post-surgery radiographs [3]



More than 70% of radiologists & orthopaedic surgeons are interested in using IB Lab LAMA [4]



of medical imaging specialists perceive IB Lab LAMA to be useful in their medical practice [4]



More than 3x faster on pair with expert readers [1]

Product description

LAMA™ uses deep learning technology to provide precise fully-automated geometric length and angle measurements of the lower limb on full leg X-ray images. The outputs aid healthcare professionals who are interested in the analysis of leg-length discrepancy and knee alignment in adult patients with suspected or present deformities of the lower extremities. 

The user does not interact directly with IB Lab LAMA™ except to accept or reject the generated report findings via cleared third party medical viewers. The measurements are compared to fixed predetermined norm-ranges, based on standard state of the art clinical practices hard-coded into the software. Outputs are summarised in reports that can be viewed on any cleared medical DICOM viewer.


IB Lab LAMA™ provides the following measurements:

● mechanical axis deviation

● full leg length

● femur length

● tibia length

● leg length discrepancy

● hip knee ankle angle

● anatomical tibiofemoral angle

● anatomical mechanical angle

● joint-line convergence angle

● mechanical lateral proximal femoral angle

● mechanical lateral distal femoral angle

● mechanical medial proximal tibia angle

● mechanical lateral distal tibia angle



IB Lab LAMA is world’s first AI software for fully automated measurements on uni- and bilateral AP full leg radiographs of individuals at least 22 years of age


IB Lab LAMA reduces inter-rater variabilities for evaluating long leg radiographs in a standardised manner


Effects of inter- and intra-rater variability are reduced


IB Lab LAMA supports workflow efficiency by automating time-consuming reporting tasks

Intended use

IB Lab LAMA™ is a fully-automated radiological image processing software device intended to aid users in the measurement of limb-length discrepancy and quantitative knee alignment parameters on uni- and bilateral AP full leg radiographs of individuals at least 22 years of age. It should not be used in-lieu of full patient evaluation or solely relied upon to make or confirm a diagnosis. The software device is intended to be used by healthcare professionals trained in radiology. IB Lab LAMA™ is not indicated for use on radiographs on which Ankle Arthroplasties and/or Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasties are present.

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What our customers say:

Jack Farr - Orthopedist

ImageBiopsy AI software is highly accurate and efficient within our PACS system, which provides valuable information on the status of the knee along the continuum of chondrosis to arthrosis.

Jack Farr, MD

The integration of the AI ​​solutions by ImageBiopsy Lab into our RIS and PACS is easy and well done. It is fun to work with and the clarity of the visualized report is an ideal support for our patient consultation.

Jochen Mueller-Stromberg, MD

AI-based solutions reduce the amount of work and the findings become more accurate. An objective value is given which can be used both for monitoring and forecasting the progress. We offer something that others don’t have.

Michael Gruber, MD

Exact diagnosis and reproducible follow-up exams are indispensable for a successful osteoarthritis therapy. Software-based methods can assist the physician in the therapy management and adjustment process.

Prof. Jochen Hofstätter, MD