What are the Advantages of using AI?

An insight into our clinical research activities

Our dedicated and experienced research team is continuously pushing our research efforts in order to hold the high level of expertise needed for our products.

We are continuously investigating novel methods for the assessment, prediction and monitoring of bone diseases and present our results at numerous prestigious conferences and congresses all over the world.


Automatisierung von Routineaufgaben in der Diagnostik

Lesen Sie in der Ausgabe 2020/21 von Spitzenforschung in der Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie wie IB Lab’s KI Lösungen die radiologische Befundung in der Orthopädie beschleunigt und beim gesamten Workflow bis zum Patientenbericht unterstützt.

Quelle: ALPHA Informationsgesellschaft mbH


Fractal-Based Analysis of Bone Microstructure
in Crohn’s Disease

This pilot study shows the performance of IB Lab’s software TX-Analyzer (in comparison to standard imaging techniques) in evaluating bone microarchitecure in the thoracic and lumbar spine in patients with Crohn’s disease, which causes bone loss and increased fracture risk.

White Paper

Pediatric Bone Age and Developmental Assessment

Radiographic skeletal age (or bone age) assessment supported by AI. IB Lab PANDA automates bone age assessment on radiographs of the hand and wrist in accordance with the Greulich & Pyle scale, achieving a minimum absolute deviation.