Leg Angle Measurement Assistant

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The Challenge

Measuring and reporting take up to 50+ mouse clicks per case.

Pre- and post-total knee arthroplasty (TKA) lower limb alignment is assessed manually or with the aid of interactive software applications, which can lead to high intra- and inter-reader variability, poor reproducibility, and calibration errors. Furthermore, measurement of angles and lengths on AP standing lower extremity radiographs is a time-consuming task, as surgeons have to spend over five minutes to measure each radiograph on average.

The Solution

An example in applying AI-supported software in orthopedic surgery. 

Fully automated measurements of lower extremity radiographs could provide accurate, comprehensive, standardized, and reproducible results more efficiently than the current radiological procedure. Graphical reports illustrating all measurements enable explainable AI and mitigates the black-box phenomenon. With IB Lab LAMA 1.03 these measurements are now also available on radiographs with knee implants. 

IB Labs LAMA is unique in its way of achieving a zero-click, seamless integration into existing reporting workflows. Industry-standard output formats enable customizable report generation. Results are calculated within seconds, stored in PACS, and are available in the DICOM viewer as printable PDF reports for the referring physicians.

Opportunities for physicians and patients

  • AI-assisted software enables a  pre-selection by instantly triaging normal and abnormal cases, prioritizing the worklist for the orthopedic surgeon 
  • Replacing manual workflow steps with a fully automated solution increases the physicians’ efficiency by saving reading and reporting time
  • Software-aided tracking and assessing of pre-/post-surgery outcomes enables reproducible outcomes measures and significantly reduces the risk of inter-rater variabilities. New assessment & prediction models built upon objective data points will benefit the patients and the physicians alike 

What our customers say:

Jack Farr - Orthopedist

ImageBiopsy AI software is highly accurate and efficient within our PACS system, which provides valuable information on the status of the knee along the continuum of chondrosis to arthrosis.

Jack Farr, MD

The integration of the AI ​​solutions by ImageBiopsy Lab into our RIS and PACS is easy and well done. It is fun to work with and the clarity of the visualized report is an ideal support for our patient consultation.

Jochen Mueller-Stromberg, MD

AI-based solutions reduce the amount of work and the findings become more accurate. An objective value is given which can be used both for monitoring and forecasting the progress. We offer something that others don’t have.

Michael Gruber, MD

Exact diagnosis and reproducible follow-up exams are indispensable for a successful osteoarthritis therapy. Software-based methods can assist the physician in the therapy management and adjustment process.

Prof. Jochen Hofstätter, MD